How to Find and Keep a Business Mentor / Friend

Everyone talks about how important it is to get a business mentor (not a huge fan of that term). There is only one problem…it’s not that easy. Lets talk about how to find that person and have them WANT to help you…

When I was first starting out in Internet marketing I knew NOTHING. I didn’t even know how to buy a domain or set up a server….I remember spending hours and being so happy when I made a site that said ‘Hello, this is Joel’ in plain writing in the top left of the screen….a website! These hours started laying the foundation of my future businesses. They also made it possible for me to get a ‘mentor’….

Speak Their Language

After a few Internet business fails (this will be another post) I started to get quicker and learn the game. I learned about wordpress, autoresponders, html, php, CPA, CPC, CPM, tracking pixels, split testing, and other ‘lingo’ in the Internet marketing business. This is key (I didn’t know it at the time).

When you meet someone who could potentially help you they need to know you’re not a beginner looking for an easy out. They didn’t have an easy out, so why should you?

Knowing the language, talking the language and showing you understand the language goes a long way in proving you’re worth their time. It shows you’re already invested and taking action. Successful people like that. They know what it takes. If you’re not ALREADY sacrificing and taking action no one will help you…and they shouldn’t!

Offer them Value in Some Way (doesn’t have to be business)

Sometimes this can be hard. But if you’ve put in your time above, chances are you can even help them in their business in some way. Make it short, simple, and actionable. Send them a link to an article you think they would find interesting (an easy way to give value, just copy and paste)

In my case, I didn’t offer much but a good time in a new city! We went out partying the first day we met and it’s a crazy story we still talk about (he’s one of my best friends now). It was fun. We didn’t talk about business or marketing. We just hung out. Got a little (VERY) drunk.

Don’t Come Across As Desperate

Nobody likes someone who’s desperate. It creates an automatic reaction to push that person away. It’s negative. Wether that’s a desperate guy in a bar going up to girls or a desperate person at a meet-up who asking around for help or a mentor. You need the attitude that you’ll make ‘enter your goal here’ happen with or with-out a mentor. Confidence will help you attract the right mentor and people to help you succeed.

Ask Engaging, Specific Questions (And not to many)

If you just keep asking boring, simple questions you could find out yourself you’re going to have a very hard time keeping them engaged. If Google can answer it for you…don’t ask them! Before you ask a question…TRY and TRY and TRY to do it yourself. So when you ask it goes something like this”

“I’m having trouble with ‘A’. I thought ‘X’ would work but then this happened. I then tried ‘X2’ but that didn’t work…I read a few post about ‘X3’ but I just don’t get it. Can you point me in the right direction for ‘A’?”

This shows you invested time into solving it yourself (showing your commitment). You’re also not asking them to do it for you…just to point you in the right direction. This is a big difference. One is needy the other is a person grinding that needs a little help.

The best part about this…is you’ll learn more and grind harder to make it work. You’ll make it work with or without a ‘mentor’. When that person comes along they will be willing to help because they see you working. Sacrificing. Risking. Just like they did at the start.

That is how you get a great business mentor. No one said it would be easy. And if your mentor says that…find a new mentor.

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