Me at a Glance: Updated: March 14th 2022

I’ve been Internet marketing since 2006 with my first small success coming in 2008.

I quit my warehouse job in 2010 once my affiliate marketing business was earning more from midnight —> 7:30 am (when work started) than working my job full-time for the entire week.

I love my wife, traveling, the outdoors, tennis, being an uncle, and reading non-fiction books. 

I live in Summerland, B.C. a cute town of 10,000 people in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. 

Current Projects:

Okanagan Wine Club (Started 2012) – Helping match Okanagan wineries direct with wine lovers across Canada. Over 30,000 members across Canada.

Dynamic Cyclist, Dynamic Golfer, Dynamic Runner, Irish Dance (Started 2017) – daily stretch, strength and skill classes designed for specific sports – 15,000+ paying members

The Professor Project / Train Your Weakness (Started 2017) – Get inside one of CrossFit’s top Athletes strategy + programming. Go from 0-1 on your workout weaknesses with tailed training programs.

Hello Enthusiast Project Inc (Started 2019) – building digital communities + brands. 

  • – Gentle at home workouts for beginners
  • HealthyMom.Club – Safe Pre and post natal exercises for moms
  • – Easily find and compare your dream fishing lodge

Exited Projects: (started in 2013, exited in 2018) – A place for grandparents to buy loving gifts for their grandkids. Over 1M followers and $3M a year in sales. 100% remote team. 

My Motivation

For me, it’s always been about time and freedom. That was the goal. Here’s (part of the reason) why…

My grandparents just retired at your classic 65ish range. They worked hard their whole lives. They went south for the winters, golfed, and were ready to relax and enjoy. But life had another plan.

My grandpa suffered a bad stroke, leaving him partially paralyzed on one side. Instantly travel was gone, golf was gone, walking was gone, regular daily life was gone. Everything they worked for, was gone. I’ll never forget what my grandma said to me in the hospital…

“And they call these the Golden years” as she shook her head

My heart sunk. Emotions swirled. It confirmed the ‘regular’ life path was not for me.

I did not want to wait until the golden years. I’m thankful for this wisdom she gave me. It helped keep me focused and motivated to make something, anything work.

I’m happy to report it’s been 10+ years running my own companies, traveling, and having the time freedom I’ve always wanted.