Trust or fire = no tracking, trust people to get it done, until they dont….if you cant trust them, fire them

hate the word start up – make a business

Phases1 : get sales asap

Phase 2: build team as grow sales (with scale in mind)

Phase 3proves s and teams (few is better) to buuild your system to SCALE with no more poeple added

Phase 4see how big you can go, maybe take 80% and chill

Joel Book Chapters and life lesson stuff

Fishing and casting back when dad said no – 1 thing = ballance of knowing when to do what you want to try, low risk, cost s low, who cares….break rules when it makes sense (dad supported this)

Dad getting mad when in here lost the fish (sportmanship, kindness)

Dad in garage, always look for a way / ask how can you help, = don’t be idle

The buying of the spider story, the risks…..the plan….greed……family support

Mom = thoughtfulness
– costa rica flights and getting us there, literally would do anything

  • working at. the packing house, long hours….man

aquarium offer, bought from ebay

making my first site that said hi im joel raitt

first sale, PLR ass comission, couldnt beleive it + the xcitment


Every having sex / not knowing – humor + dont pull away to far from company


Hiring jordan / finding the job = 10 years plan ahead of wanting to work with him

Meet DJ when tired and didn want too but think of berry sorry about the guy that sold him weather deck – say yes when young, you never know

First meal I didn’t look at the price, wonder what I wanted at moxies with dave

First time off worked and thought it was an error + called never blue = self doubt? not knowing the potencial?

Applying to NB 3 Tims and telling them they are dumb – push through, best affilaite

Costa Rica and mis flight + sittin gbeside dave sharing screen + comment on how thats rare and most are secrets, not us – trust a lot

Dave seeing my ad account and thinking how insane it was how many ads I made- work harder than others

Traveling thaialdn and grabbing rich dad book and not understand what an asset vs liability was! Lee showing me – you have to start somewhere

4 hor work week, reading the tnot studying for personal finance in college, passed exam, had the books for 120 and sld it BRAND new never opened for $3 they offered back, didn’t even take it, toss dit – systems fucked

Not doing the budget class, and wrote an article on WHY it was dumb + not needed. + I don’t agree on the project –

Mona vie????

Progress club! – to many people / sheep

Doubts when reading book if its real or not / possible to become wealthily (rember ot forgeting)

My first upsell I took and rebill, the moment deciding wether or not to take it and the doubt, $27 was a LOT of money in college…sitting there staring at the screen questioning it….that was the SELLING moment feeling, contemplating in head and emotions….questions i was asking…scam? will it help?

Buying car from Colorado, losing license partying, flying down meeting him at airport then driving home with no license or insurance and sleepon gin the back, turned down 1 offer and would have like 3k but then had to sell to my mom for b/e hahaha and they lent me the$$$ to do it (that was bad ass)

Chinese clothes bring + never sent, lost like $200

Selling rocks story to rustles dad, bigger = more price lol – suppy and demand? selling unique snt that good lol

Marc evens and my betting in highschool, we had teachers betting lol e made up the odds, and had a jar of money (tie in with suicide) = my ‘buy gum and sell it for more’ story

Counting my network in college id add the amount of gas in my tank lol and my hockey cards lol – how things change, but small tihngs matter

Family thinks I work insane on business, and work friends think I spend a lot of time with family….is this good or bad? shouldit be the other way around?

A short tweet / promoted on how to get sales / test fast and a thread on how we found a winner….GOLD

Cory dying in car crash, or friend suicide….what is sadder? Is there an answer? Explore that, no answer, just ask andd thought

“Giove me 2 weeks to make a plan don’t take a job until then” then HE story + 10 year plan to work with Jordo 🙂 

playing poker with chris against some sketch dudes, he can cheat, told him not too, he couldnt help it, dealt me trip K’s and other guy trip 10s… = cant change people lol

OWC = the call with competioter, im outside in V-neck, roses behind me, they are 6 people in suits asking questions, i knew they were screwed.

OWC liquore store partnership, talking about how they could squeeze more margin out of wineries with out leverage, make more money (and thinking, you dont get it, we want to help the wineries)

OWC = the sting + going in to talk to the police in perate rooms / telling our story lol holy fuck

OWC – i bought the 24th and a friend the 25th to sell out with personal notes on each! did it for free for the wineries, no commission

OWC – 2 wineries have tried to negotiate, we simply said no, can’t have each winery different, that takes time, we’ll find a new winery.

OWC: the 1 winery that didnt pay me ($600) which was a ot back then…they reach back out……5 years later to work with us….ask where our money is and never hear back….people do not forget when you are SHIT to them

Selling + how they ruined it…lesson = know thy business and take more upfront for less lol – owned shopify money. getting it back + setting up in 3 days and old ads worked out of the gate….wtf?

Making a frame for friends soccer jersey who committed suicide…not aloud to put it up in the school? why? was that right? add jersey + that is a good spot to offer help, annonomouysly? and explain that person is missed…loved…..and people want them there

hunting /. first buck? made. a plan?

4hourwoek week – yoga for rock climbers chapter…….12 years later……cycling opportunity, think of that, stretches for cyclist and in 3 years were doing 1M AAR – you never know when a book you read will come back around to help you

a weird sense that evertyting will work out….does it work out b/c of that? or does it seem like tings do b/c of that?

grandma ” they call these the golden years” after my grandpa had a stroke in his 60’s a few years after retiring…NOPE – i rmember thatin the hospital

first d and c with ads / images?

making more before i got to work at 730 am + having to take time off to check stats, (had got CC as a preparedness) and maxed those + borrowwed from family + borrowed 30,000 from new friend….all maxed out and getting paid every 2 days from neverblue……it was insane lol – lesson, be prepared for a win

Remember sending the firdt email at the school to my cousons in ontario…andasking..when will it get there…answer…..its already there…

quiting hockey and mitch leaving army to go travel! – yolo

finacnial planning class + lesson (said wont do the peoject) + never used tohe book, lost 150 – pissed meo ofoff


1986 – Born in Penticton BC

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